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Pli instructions

How to finish your Pli Screen

Your DIY kit includes;

  • All the wooden elements in their natural state made from FSC® certified 100% Canadian maple plywood
  • Wood dowels
  • Cotton webbing straps with stainless steel fixtures
  • Cotton canvas fabric screens

You can finish your screen any way you wish. We have chosen mono-coat natural oil.   

You will need;

  • Sandpaper (120, 240 and 320 grit)
  • Dust Cloth
  • Finish of your Choice
  • Related Tools

Step 1 

Sand all the edges with the 120 grit sandpaper.

Step 2 

Sand all the edges and faces with the 240 grit sandpaper. Make sure to follow the direction of the grain.

Step 3

Wipe off all the dust using the cloth.

Step 4

Follow the instructions for your choice of finish. Normally these are written on the back of the container. Wait at least 24 hours after the last coat to continue. You are not obligated to put a finish at all if you like the touch and feel of the naked wood. 

Step 5

Use the 320 grit sand paper to polish the pieces. Again make sure that you follow the grain of the wood. 

Step 6

Use the cloth to wipe away any remaining dust. 

Step 7

Use the instructions provided to assemble the screen. Start with the fabric screens and the longer dowels. Followed by the webbing straps. If you make a mistake, a fork is a handy tool to take it out and try again.

Enjoy !

That's it ! Don't forget to take a photo of your finished screen and share it back with us by tagging us in your posts !